December 2, 2010

Katy Perry Is A Hot Ice Queen

So the Grammy Nomination happened last night… *cricket noise* uhhh… *puts my hands in my pocket, looks around, starts whistling* soo… The Nars Orgasm blush is pretty fantastic huh?

Honestly, a pre-award show for the award show? That’s like the annoying friend who organizes a birthday party the weekend before her birthday and then a “real” birthday party the weekend of her birthday amongst the same group of friends. Are you obligated to attend both if you’re a true friend? Call me a Birthday Grinch but sometimes I think that's just a scam to get more free drinks. Though it was nice watching Katy Perry and her massive jugs perform. When she isn’t in her latex clown outfits making weird faces she really does look beautiful.

Here are others that were at the Grammy nomination party last night including Bruno Mars, Monica (apparently she's still around), Hayley Williams, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry in a different outfit and LL Cool J.