December 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Got Groped

Here is Lady Gaga seen being groped by a fan in Paris. Of course it's a female groping her, any guy that grope gaga out of sexual arousal should be checked into a mental facility.

I don't blame this female fan for groping Gaga though. She probably just did it out of curiosity. There are a few things in life I am sure of: that old people and ambassadors cannot drive, that every time I eat a Shawarma my stomach feels funny the next day, and that hot girls at Moxies are not good waitresses yet still expect you to tip them a crap load.

But whether Lady Gaga is an actual human being or an alien with boobs that try to take over our radio stations replacing good songs with her profound lyrics such as "rah rah ah ah ah, roma roma ma, Gaga ooh la la"... I'm still going to go with that she's an alien, until I grope her to make sure as well.

Pictures from Splash