December 7, 2010

Lookbook: ChicShop's Holiday Party

This lookbook is extra special as the wardrobe is by Justyna of chichichic for her We shot this over the weekend at a motel in Vanier that was rented by the hour (you know what that means). Surprisingly that was a classier than the other choices of motels on Montreal Road as one of them was "First come First serve. No Reservations". A motel with a motto like that couldn't be anymore obvious than just calling it "Paris Hilton's Crotch".

Be sure to visit for more fabulous vintage outfits. In case you're wondering what we (or I) did with the remaining KFC in the photo - I brushed off the sparkly confetti and ate them after. No need to waste delicious food!

Special thanks to Joel Bedford and Nick Leadlay for the pictures, Noah Venkatarangam for the make up, Justyna for the wardrobe.