December 23, 2010

Lookbook: It's A Beautiful Day, Don't Let It Get Away

These pictures were taken down at the lake near my parents' house yesterday. It was such a nice and warm day of 8 degrees Celsius... hey, that's warm in Canada during this time of the year! This will be the last post before Christmas, I'm taking a break to enjoy spending time with my family and will be back until the 26th. Hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and that Santa is good to you :)

Cardigan: Jacob
Handbag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Jeggings: Lucky Brand

I also want to use this post to thank some people for another fabulous year on Pop Champagne:

- The cool bloggers I've met and became my real life friends: Justyna, Erica, LoveK, Julia and Angie, as well as other fun people in Ottawa such as Ashelle, Emily, Amber, Mel and others I'm hoping to meet one day such as Ashley and Stacey.

- The awesome bloggers that has been supporting Pop Champagne when it was just starting out as Pop Cheap Beer almost 2 years ago: HauteWorld, Amynaree, Linda, DinaXYYan, Becky, Kym, Thiamere and Janettaylor

- The fabulous bloggers that became regulars/friends of Pop Champagne over the months: Maddy, Melanie, Blair, Really Petite, Gorgeous Glam, Fruity Lashes, Saving Capulet, Ping, Elle, Angie, Kali, Blovet Beauty, Bunny, Eugenia, Denysia, Kalmo, London's Beauty, Jules, Ching, Jennifer, Really Petite, Desi, Hanidee, Audrey Allure, love jenny, Karen, Ric, Michelle, Tuesdai, Marie, Jo, Heather, Every, Kristin, Krystal, Princess Feef, Smarla, Calia Yang, Laura Tenshi, Donna, Aleessa, Lisa, Fashion Court, Cupcakes, Dee, Fifi, Emilie, Shanghainese Dumpling, Abbey, Sanny, Marcia B, Cheryl, and Naka.

Thanks again for another great year! P.S I apologize if I missed anyone I communicate with on regular basis, I will thank you personally offline!