December 9, 2010

Movie Review: The Tourist

"The Tourist" is a good example that casting two A-list celebrities will not make a dull and lukewarm plot any better. It wasn’t thrilling, romantic, or dramatic like how the movie's supposed genre, it was just one hour and 43 minutes of looking at pretty scenes and people.

The storyline consist Angelina Jolie playing her usual “vixen with a British accent that can kick your ass” character who fell in love with Johnny Depp, a traveler she met on a train. It was nothing more than a PG 13 "I love you and you love me" relationship with a crap load of creepy stalking.

There were many awkward moments that leave you embarrassed of the dialog between the two lovers. Angelina was quite pretty, but she also flaunt her physical assets to a point that it got redundant and annoying. We get it Angelina, you are so beautiful that you can even steal other A-listers’ husbands.

The only good part is the visual with the glorious hotels, boats and views of Venice. Even Johnny Depp was bland in it and he is looking... old- Would I still jump him? Of course.

Overall, “The Tourist” is a dull movie that hope to capitalize on two famous Hollywood stars. Don’t even bother renting it on DVD. Wait a few years and watch it for free on the W Channel.

I give this movie 2.5/5 Brad Pitts. Since he consistently make better movies than his wife...

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