December 21, 2010

Product Review: The Socializer Eye Cream

Morning Sunshines! I'm back on the west coast for the holidays as well as taking care of some some hood stuff, like eating free food, not doing lundry, not washing my own dishes... Ohh the joy of being a guest at your parents' house.

One of the skin care products I brought on the trip with me is The Socializer. This Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is declared "Canada's secret weapon for de-puffing tired eyes" from The Socializer comes with 2 different click pens- one for "Bright Lights" in the morning and the other for "Late Nights" in the evening. Here is the review:

The Claim
"Bright Eyes" contains a mineral diffuser that brightens the bags under your eyes like the night before never happened and "Late Nights" is an evening treatment that de-puff and rejuvenate.

The Price
The Socializer retails at $40.00 CDN and is available internationally at Elizabeth Grant online and in Canada at The Ten Spot and Hammam Spa downtown Toronto.

How It Feels
After using both "Bright Lights" and "Late Nights" I have to agree that it does its job. I swear by "Bright Lights" when I have to work the next day after a late night. Though this product will not completely remove the puffyness or have effect towards the dark rings around your eyes, it does reduce my puffiness after a late night by about 20%- enough that people don't ask or comment on how I had a late night.

The Final Words
Compare to other eye creams I've used, "The Socializer" is a bit on the expensive side as it only last about two months when you use it every day. But I have repurchased The Socializer as I find that it works with de-puffying my eyes.

Note: The pictures were taken with no eye make up on for showing the effect of using The Socializer.