December 26, 2010

Some Things You Just Can't Photoshop

Britain's Royal Mint has released a commemorative coin featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton. Kate has finally done it after 9 long years of the on and off relationship! Now she can wave the coin to the rest of us who ever thought to be princesses, and to all the gold diggers, cuz why dig gold when you can get a CROWN?! Job well done, Kate.

However, it seems that UK is possibly made up of 40 year old single cat ladies that doesn't share the same enthusiasm as they quickly shut the coin down suggesting that Kate looks like she left her face in the swimming pool for too long, or Heidi Montag in 5 years. As The Star reported:

"Royal financée Kate Middleton looks plumper, older and overtired in her portrait etched into a new series of engagement coins.

Some critics contend Prince William looks more like former U.S. vice-president Al Gore.

What’s worse, the Royal Mint says its in-house design team has captured the essential Kate and Wills."

It's no wonder they just don't put "anyone" on a coin. Kate Middleton is beautiful and look how she turned out, now imagine how us average commoners would look! As for Prince William, they should have used this picture instead:

Anyhow, the coin is available in silver or gold, and the 5 pound coin marks the couple's wedding on April 29th, 2010. Here are the couple's engagement pictures.