January 6, 2011

Avril Lavigne Has New Single And In Hawaii

Avril Lavigne performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rock just a few weeks ago debuting her new single “What The Hell” which sounds like her other single “Girlfriend” and yes, she still sounds like a lost baby hyena. But that was a night of hard work and she deserves a vacation in Hawaii. Come and think of it, other than a few songs in “Alice in Wonderland”, Avril’s life has been one giant vacation over the last few years.

But what’s with the trucker hat and the pink hair still? I thought she got past the dirty skater phase by dating one of the most preppy egocentric dudes in Hollywood. Isn’t the hat and hair redundant now? Oh! You know what’s redundant? Why my roommate has 4 razors in the shower. 4! What’s it all for? 1 for the stache, 2 for the legs and 1 for the bush? There’s no good way to ask her this, is there??

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