January 27, 2011

Britney Spears Comic Book "Fame: Britney Spears"

Britney Spears has a comic book called “Fame: Britney Spears” that will be released this March where she is the super hero surviving this God awful thing called “Fame”. According to BlueWater Productions:

“Britney Spears — the most famous superstar of the 21st century.What does it take to reach those heights in the Internet Age? What are the hidden costs when every move makes the headlines? More than an entertainment powerhouse. More than a dancer and musician. Britney Spears is a survivor!”

Next thing you know Brit Brit will have a video game where she collects fry chicken and UGGs and battles her dad, the evil villain whose attack is throwing bras and grounding her. It won’t be too far off from this game. But as long as she keeps on making music that make me go “WOOO” when I’m intoxicated I will support all her conservatorship crazies- even if she decide to throw a public tantrum when she realize that the comic book is not made of fry chicken pieces.