January 25, 2011

Carmen Electra Doing Her Pussycat Dolls Thing

Here are some pictures of Carmen Electra doing her Pussycat Dolls show and I don’t care if she’s done everyone in Hollywood or if she’s got layers of make up on or if she’s getting old or if she kicks puppies- she is always hot in my books.

Speaking of layers of make up, I always get annoyed at dudes when they comment at the amount of time and money women spend on our looks. Like hello, do you think this *points at face* is all because of great genes?! No! THIS *points at face again* is all MONEY!! Would guys even try to get me drunk if I didn’t spend money on all those face and hair products to make myself purrity?! No! They would be hitting on other chicks who are done up instead.

But instead of crying “INJUSTICE!” at the male race, you will again find me drunk in the club bathroom clogging a sink with my make up and flirting with suckers for shots of Tequila this weekend. I call this "new age female empowerment".

Photos from HotCelebsHome