January 2, 2011

Emma Watson Is Going Adam Lambert On Us

Is this the love child of Adam Lambert and a box of lucky charms? Or is Justin Bieber playing with his mom's make up again? Naw, this is just of Emma Watson posing for Style Magazine.

Gosh. Emma is a very pretty girl but who is styling her these days?! Group of angry feminist or church activists? Younger stars tend to get criticized more for looking sexual so perhaps Emma avoids it by looking like someone Michael Jackson would build an amusement park in his backyard for?

Hey, Pop Champagne is all for women taking pictures in whatever short skirt or underwear they got. That's how this site stay in business most of the time. In fact, I also subconsciously sexualize myself, like when I wear Asian underwear and the bra make my boobs look a cup and half bigger. But that's fine because when a pervert try to touch my boobs all he get is padding. So really, the joke is on him.