January 26, 2011

Kelly Osbourne Is Madonna's New Material Girl

Madonna is rumored to be envious of her daughter’s young and fresh look, or anyone that looks younger and hotter than her really. So perhaps this explains why she fired Taylor Momsen as the model for her Material Girl line and hired Kelly Osbourne, and not someone like Vanessa Hudgens or Lea Michele. According to Hollywood Life:

After many rumors, they finally confirmed the good news today, announcing Kelly Osbourne as the 2011 face of the brand. Kelly replaces rebellious teen Taylor Momsen.

As much as I make fun of Taylor Momsen being the baddest raccoon in your trash can, she is quite pretty without all the eyeliner and sure looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel when standing beside Kelly Osbourne- Who basically looks like her dad with some skin tuck and a blonde wig. Let’s have a bet going that Madonna will hire Rumer Willis to be the following Material Girl.

Photos from Splash


  1. Wouldn't it be considered a downgrade? Not the biggest Momsen fan, but K Osborne...? Blah!


  2. Wow I give Kelly Osburne alot of credit. I read somewhere that she is really trying to clean up her act, keep the weight she lost off, and be an adult. Good for her.

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. ahahahhaahaha skin tuck and a wig

  4. HAHA I can totally see Madonna being jealous of " anyone that looks younger and hotter than her." It's so obvious how hard Madonna tries so hard to be sexy at her age and to try to channel her hotness from the past. I so agree with you about Kelly Osbourne too.... haha

  5. Ouch! LOL I'm so glad Taylor Momsen has been replaced.

    I finally thanked you properly on my blog for your giveaway : ) Sorry it took so long!

  6. haha! LOL Damn she must be jealous of pretty people. I actually prefer Taylor :P

  7. As if she's given the job to Kelly O over Taylor M, despite my disliking of the girl, she seems to have a bad attitude..I can't imagine her and Madonna clicking!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  8. Hahahah.. well spoken, I was just talking about this with my friend the other day. As much as I dislike that Taylor girl, Madonna is definitely running out of her mind or really that desperate to feel better by replacing Taylor with Kelly!

    Have a FAB day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  9. I think Kelly is kind of cute (although she looks terrible in these photos) - but sometimes she looks really pretty (and, at least, unlike Taylor, she's not just ripping off Courtney Love's look and trying to claim it makes her edgy and rebellious).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. lol i don't get it...not sure what she see in kelly

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. kelly's hairstyle in these shots look like the kind the grannies at the beauty parlor wear when i drop my grandma off on saturdays.

  13. I think Kelly might do well...yeah she is not prettier than Taylor, but she has her own style and she at least tries to look her best...sometimes it might not work (we all have those days) but I´ve seen her looking awesome...so who knows it could actually turn out well..I´ll just wait and see before bashing it


  14. that's really funny that she went for the old woman! she does look like she's wearing a wig.

  15. lol! I'd rather have Kelly than Rumor hahaha! Kelly looks really old here i think its the hair?

  16. LOL

    I always thought there was something weird with Kelly's face (most likely her jaw) but ever since she lost all of that weight, it just looks even weirdER. And the hair... definitely a bit too much Madonna...

  17. bleh!!! ><
    she looks so weird now ><
    Just doesn't look right...
    she looked better when she was bigger :P

  18. Love the last line - Rumer will be the next. Wonder if Rumer has done wonders for Badgley Mischka

  19. Kelly has her good moments, but this is not the best look for her :o/ ot sure about this collaboration.

  20. Kelly is cute every other blue moon. Not diggin' the choice..!

  21. When I read the Rumer Willis joke, something in my head went, "OOH COLD!" Then I started to laugh....

  22. this is weird...why people still like kelly and say she's cute???? i don't see this 'cute' thing on kelly

  23. Ouch....well, Idunno why anyone would be jealous of their daughter's beauty - if anything, someone should be proud!
    If I was trying to sell clothes I'd rather have Taylor model my stuff than Kelly. But you know, there's always photoshop and good camera angles (not to mention good hair and makeup and clothes) to help sell an ad.

  24. the hair makes her look old :/

  25. haha ,,, we dont have that line here ,, but if i saw kelly's pic in that section i would walk away ,, def walk away ,, =/

  26. screw madonna! come on she can't deny the fact, she's way too old now and Taylor momsen ain't bad for a model hehehe! although i still hate it when she wears that black thingy all over her eyes... Kelly osborne is not a model material seriously!

  27. oh really! shame on Madonna for being sore at getting old! I love this type of post POP!

  28. Hello

    This is a very weird choice. I used to like Kelly's style, but lately she been changing a lot. I don't know, I think I prefer Momsen LOL

    kisses from Brazil*


  29. So, she went from Taylor to Kelly? Is she trying to sell her line or does she wants to go bankrupt?
    I bet she told Taylor, " Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here"

  30. this made me laugh sooo hard =)))))))))))

  31. hmm not sure if i think Kelly is the next Material Girl either... Taylor is a bit extreme trashy but better than Kelly


  32. Madonna, even though she looks pretty blonde pop princess actually has a rather rock-funky style and her new brand sells the same funky clothes so it would not make sense to have a sexy model or a pretty Barbie.

  33. This is a bit of a downgrade replacing Taylor for Kelly. Material Girl is a line that seems to be aimed at a younger clientele, and honestly Kelly looks a little too old for it. I am especially not a fan of her hair in that picture >.<

  34. I'm so glad you link up previous posts... How can I miss out on these?! Taylor does look like a raccoon. She was so cute at the beginning of Gossip Girl... Then she turned all scary with the black eyes and uber skinniness.

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