January 7, 2011

Kong Kardashian Went Ginge

Since Kim gets all the attention and Kourtney is the cute one in the Kardashian household, Kong must out shine her sisters in the survival of the paparazzi by growing bigger than everyone- so you can’t miss her in photos. Then she went the extra mile dying her hair ginge. According to Kong, she will be going even more ginge in the months to come. But hey she pulled ginge off well.

Normally this is where I make some snorky remark of how Kong probably has growing rituals such as soaking herself in the tub at night to grow like those rubber figurines that kids have, or deep throat cheeseburgers in her spare time. But last week, a friend told me that you gain 5 minutes of longevity every time you work out. Sounds great, right? Except you spend 45 minutes bored out of your mind on the treadmill. So really, you’re losing 40 minutes of your life every time you work out.

All of the sudden Kong’s hobby of deep throating cheeseburgers and growing herself in a pool of water sounds quite enjoyable, and I'm the one who has been wasting my life away working out…

Pictures from Splash