January 24, 2011

Lookbook: Catching Crabs

These pictures were taken a few weeks back when I was catching crabs in Victoria BC. Yes, my sister and I went to catch crabs. It was my idea. There were quite a few people catching crabs on the crabbing dock. We talked to each other while we were trying to catch each other’s crabs.

We caught a few but they were too small, so we had to throw them back for bigger crabs. I didn’t really feel the burning or the itch during the time, but the waiting around to catch crabs was sometimes boring, unless you are with good company.

Would I go catch crabs again with my sister? Definitely. And for some reason, people snicker when I tell them that I caught crabs over the holiday...

Jacket: H&M
Toque: Boathouse
Jeans: True Religion