January 11, 2011

Lookbook: With The Cape And Wind

Here is the last outfit for the lookbook challenge of raiding mom’s closet. I don't own any capes but after trying on my mom's I am now a fan of them. They are not very warm, but it looks so cool when you're wearing one on a windy day.

I also apologize for lack of replies over the past few days. I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand from the hot water machine at my work while getting tea so I haven't been in a typing mood. I know, its as un-smart as the Avatar who bends air and water but don't know how to stop the army from the fire nation who travel by boats on the ocean. Don’t worry. I’m okay as my biggest worry is being able to hold my wii controller properly to play Spyro: Dawn of The Dragon. Gawd I’m such a nerd.

Cape: Vintage from mom
Dress: Vintage from mom