January 12, 2011

Taylor Swift Is The Upcoming Cat Lady

As much as I’m team Jennifer Aniston and will watch any of her movies, you know that your love life is in the gutter when Jennifer Aniston is giving you love advise- Which is what happened to Taylor Swift:

An insider at Wednesday's People's Choice Awards tells us the notoriously unlucky-in-love Aniston, 41, approached Swift, 21, inside the Nokia Theatre to tell her to "hang in there" in the face of relentless press about her love life. We hear the two had not previously met, but Aniston "wanted Taylor to know everything will be okay."

Next thing you know Jennifer will be inviting Taylor to her house and share her 2 gallon of vanilla ice cream while watching “Meet Joe Black” on repeat or YouTubeing love spells to cast on her voodoo doll.

So I’m guilty of having Taylor Swift’s songs on full blast and singing along when I’m by myself in my car (and I guess that makes me a cat lady in training), but I would imagine that it would be difficult for a grown man to date a chick whose career is base on writing and singing songs about princesses, fairytales, and airing dirty laundry about exes. Except maybe Peter Pan but then again, he’s a prepubescent boy who wears green tights... and completely fictional.