January 20, 2011

Yes, Cover That Up

Here’s Khole Kardashian in some S&M gear on her face that looks something Lady Gaga’s crotch coughed out on YRB Magazine. I was starring at the pictures for a good few minutes trying to determine if that is Khole’s face so I guess the mask is doing its job... What is the job of an S&M mask anyways?

If these picture of the mask and the beige dress (which reminds me of the intestine dish in Chinese restaurants) hasn't spoil your breakfast yet, in an upcoming interview with Playboy, Khole's husband Lamar Odom was asked what him and Khole’s sex tape would look like and he says:

“When people see us in person, they see Khloé’s not small. I’m not small. People see us and are probably like, Damn, I wonder how that looks. We wouldn’t have anything to be ashamed about, but no, that’s not going down.”

So "Khole's not small, I'm not small"- an image of what goes on in Khole and Lamar’s bedroom just poped in my head and it is something like this:

Well, I'm not into watching animals doing it but that's kind of hot in its raw and animalistic ways, no? Oh boy. Did I just say that out loud? Here are the pictures from the magazine shoot.