February 14, 2011

The Grammy Awards 2011 - What's In The Rotten Egg

The good times are over when Lady Gaga was absent from award shows but now she's back at the 53rd Grammy Awards last night. Nice dresses were nice because they looked nice and now thanks to her, I’m blogging about a rotten egg. It’s one of those eggs the Easter Bunny would leave you if he really hates you. This is all because the fame whore of the fame whores has her new Madonna sounding song “Born This Way”, which she refused to be “born” until her performance, and then thanked Whitney Houston for the inspiration.

Boourns to Madonna. The Truth is, Gaga was probably a piece of ear wax that Madonna picked out from her ear then mutated into something alienish in the trash can. If it wasn't for Madonna there wouldn't be Gaga.

Here are some actually nice outfits from last night that unfortunately got out shined by a uterus with green mildew in which you know she paid an arm and a leg for some fashion designer to design.

Pictures from Getty, Life and Fame