February 2, 2011

Jane Lynch Complains About Dog Breeding

If you bought your pet from a store or a breeder, Jane Lynch (known from TV show Glee) just might hunt you down and blame you for murder. As E! report:

The funny lady is urging the USA Network to air a new PETA television PSA during its upcoming coverage of the famed Westminster Dog Show. "Although I played an ambitious dog trainer in Best in Show, in real life I wouldn't go near the Westminster Dog Show because it promotes the breeding of animals even as millions are dying for homes in shelters," Lynch writes in a letter to the network. The PSA shows pet owners walking, playing and riding in cars with dogs that are in body bags, representing the "more than 4 million animals who must be euthanized each year because of a lack of good homes," Lynch also writes. The PSA closes with the question, "If you buy a dog, what will you do with the shelter dog you kill?"

I have a rabbit that I adopted from the animal shelter and had a cat from a breeder, both were love at first sight. So I really don’t care whether someone buy or adopt. In my opinion, the “killers” in this situation are the people who buy pets then dispose them for being “too much hassle” without bothering to find them a good home.

If someone wants to adopt a puppy, go get one. If someone wants to buy a puppy, then go buy one. End of story. People have their own reasons and they’re not “killers “ or “saints” for doing so. Like how someone choose to pay to have sex with a stripper at a club versus a malnutritioned crack whore loitering on the street. Is he a “killer” because he didn’t support the crack whore who is on the verge of her death? Well, prostitutes are already dead on the inside, so I guess that was a bad example.

photos from Getty Images