February 16, 2011

Jessica Simpson Fashion Line Passing $1 Billion

People may not want to hear Jessica Simpson sing and she had to buy her own engagement ring, but we sure love her line of clothing. The Jessica Simpson fashion line is close to passing the $1 billion dollar mark. Who would have thought! As NY Mag reports:

"...hats are a piece of Simpson’s fashion empire, which clocked sales around $750 million last year. This year, Simpson, who is 30, will add both a full ready-to-wear collection as well as a “career separates” line to her docket, which should push sales past the billion-dollar mark.

To put that figure in context, it means Jessica Simpson is doing roughly the same volume in sales as Michael Kors. "

Forget the fashion line for a minute and look at Jessica’s hair. I wonder if the huge tumbleweed hair symbolize a huge FU to her former BFF hair dresser Ken Paves. I’m sure when Jessica Simpson was getting hair done she had vengeance in her eyes and was screaming “BIGGER! THINK OF KFC BUCKET MEAL! Nom-Nom!”. Kind of like how you dress super slutty when meeting up with your ex, even if it means wearing a mini skirt that goes up your butt to Tim Hortons while giggling and nibbling on Timbits provocatively… Well, I do.

Congrats to Jessica for the success. I hope that with all the wealth, Jessica will also donate some to help out walfare. And by "walfare" I don’t mean her in and out of job fiancĂ©.