February 3, 2011

Merona for Target Spring 2011 Collection

Here is a look at Merona for Target Spring 2011 collection. Since Target bought out Zellers, I figure that it's appropirate to do a post on it. The palette for the spring collection is light with simple patterns. Lots of white, olive and khacki colors and and while it is more on the casual side it is still put together.

I have yet to understand how Target fashion is widely accepted and how Walmart gets the shaft. It seems that buying clothes at Target is great but you would never tell people you bought your clothes at Walmart, like you wouldn't tell people you cry after doing it. Even if you cried because you suddently remember how awful The Lion King II is compare to the original, or how you missed Tooney Tuesday at KFC because it took too long, or how unlike Charlie Sheen, your dude isn't going to write you a 30,000 cheque after you have sex with him... Hey, just saying that IT HAPPENS.