February 11, 2011

Miley Cyrus Poses On Marie Claire

Hi Everyone, I am back from Montreal. Instead of running around doing my regular hood stuff, I was doing a lot of nodding and smiling (since I don’t speak French) and looking at pretty underage girls on the runway. It made me wish I didn’t skip out taking French with my BS of “I no speaku Engrish, okay la?” and took the ESL class instead back in middle school. Who knew pulling the "no engrish" card was a blessing that turned out to be a curse?!

To celebrate, here are some pictures of Miley Cyrus on Marie Claire with her side boob and her usual “duck face with the urges” expression. It’s the Vogue look of the generation and there is no doubt that Anna Wintour fully approve. Even though Miley got voted as the worst celebrity influence of 2010, whoever think that a pretty little flower cannot grow out of a trailer park sewage listening to “My Achy Breaky Heart” on repeat can take that back now.