February 13, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week 2011, Semaine Mode Montreal- Part 2

Here is part two of Montreal Fashion Week with some shows from the Thursday schedule. Click here for part one.
Soia & KyoSince a good coat is a necessity to live in Canada, one couldn't help notice all the comfortable coats that Soia & Kyo presented. Even though the models were covered in coats, coats and more coats, they all looked effortlessly chic on the runway- now if only I can look like that in my coat walking down the street at minus 20 C.

A good way to describe Coklunch at the show is the casual and rocker style through the use of leather. The collection featured leather jackets, vests and bags while it stuck to earthy tones such as shades of brown, tan and white. Cokluch is currently being sold at fourteen locations across Canada and continues to grow.

Denis Gagnon
From the lighting to the details on the model, every piece by Denis Gagnon presented was a concept and a piece of art. The show itself was inspiring as well some of the outfits made the audience go "ooooh". It was one of my favourites that I saw.

Fashionable Attendies
Instead of posting about more designers, I thought I would feature some fashionable people at the event whose outfit made me do a double take. Shoutout to all the wonderful bloggers I met in Montreal such as MarciaB, LKis, and Cecilia.

Here are some other pictures for the night. I couldn't help but to take a picture in front of the Fashion Television banner- that was pretty neat. The Yogurt bar was my dinner for two nights as there was only 30 minute break between each show. Thanks to "The Yogurt Guy" or else I probably would have fainted from starvation.

Also, special thanks to Suzanne Wexler from Montreal Gazette for the Pop Champagne feature on their article "Turning heads at fashion week".