February 28, 2011

The Oscars 2011 - The Dresses and The Beauties

Last night was the first night I've watched the Oscars since the year Titanic was nominated. Back then, it consisted of fancy people in fancy clothes and trying to name as many people as could before the background music starts playing to shoo them off the stage, and Nicole Kidman's un-moving 8 inch forehead. From what I saw yesterday it really hasn't changed. Except this time I was doped up on cough medicine which made it more bearable especially when watching Anne Hathaway trying to audition for Glee in a tuxedo and predicted people winning predicted stuff- where is Esperanza Spalding when you need an award hijacker?!

Here are some dresses from last night. Halle Berry looked amazing and Mila Kunis looked gorgeous as usual while Cate Blanchett dressed like the spokesperson for NuvaRing and Helena Bonham Carter looked like one of Count Dracula’s concubines, and I don’t expect anything less from her. Which one was your favourite?

Pictures from Look.co.uk