March 28, 2011

2011 Juno Awards Red Carpet

One of the most memorable things from the 2011 Juno Awards last night was that Shania Twain is still beautiful as ever and hasn't aged one bit. That DOES impress me much! I'm beginning to think Shania sacrifice kittens while chanting in a candle light circle for her daily beauty ritual. I didn’t get what Shania meant by "I love our lakes, I love our bush" in her speech, but as long as it's nothing like Madonna's bush then it's cool.

Keshia Chante looked like a goddess and Emily Haines looked effortless and glam. Drake had the best date as he brought Barbra Streisand his mom. Sarah McLachlan is never under fashion spotlight, but I love her choices as it always portray her style of music- feminine and going with the flow. Sarah McLachlan can do no wrong in our Canadian eyes. If I can picture that "In the arms of an angel" playing in the background when I stumble home from the bars and pass out with tramp make up and only a few quarters left in my wallet the I'm sure that Shania Twain plays Sarah's "I Will Remember You" during her kitten sacrificial ritual.

Others on the red carpet last night included Sarah Slean, Hannah Georgas, Jacynthe, Melanie Fiona and Mia Martina. Here are the pictures:

Pictures from National Post and Wire Image
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