March 10, 2011

31st Genie Awards Starfish Gift Lounge

The Genie Awards is an annual event of Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television's way to honouring outstanding achievements in Canadian cinema.

This year The Genie Awards is hosted in Ottawa, Ontario- the capital city of Canada.For this year on the 31st Annual Genie Awards, William Shatner (from Star Trek and "Sh*t My Dad Says") will be hosting the ceremony at the National Arts Centre on 53 Elgin Street.

The Genie Awards may not be until later today but last night and today from 9am - 4pm is the Starfish Event's Gift Lounge party where Canadian nominees could pick up their swag bag and mingle. Starfish Events did an excellent job as usual. Some celebrity swag bag items include gifts from Kania, Stella & Dot, Valley Girl Naturals, MAC Cosmetics, Green & Organics and Pook. Each bag had $1200 of goods in it. Getting one of those bags is a good incentive to make a movie. I will make my movie so huge that once it's released, my whole family will change their phone numbers, move out of city and purchase a fake ID from a student's dorm at Ottawa University from being embarrassed. Anyone care to join?

Tune in to The Genie Awards live tonight, March 10th, at 8pm on CBC.


  1. Looks like an awesome night. I think you would make an awesome movie and get many swag bags. If you are going to the awards, have a great time. Shatner should be good.

  2. i want to go!!! and also make a movie someday so i get the bag =)

  3. Might swing by the ARC tonight for music & drinks... if I have enough energy then :/


  4. Did you get one of the swag bags?

  5. its looks awesome! geez $1200 worth of stuff? thats the shit .. xx

  6. $1200 worth of goods? That's fun.;D

    I'll check if I can watch the awards over here. Thanks for the pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. wow, looks like you had fun! How come I haven't seen you yesterday!

  8. May I still join after asking, Canadian cinema??? =) jk, great performers and shows hail from Canada...and I like Shatner--he's actually on my tv screen RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! It's "The Search for Spock."

  9. Awww you are super lucky to get to attend these events :)
    Wow are those cookies shaped like Genie awards and movie reels? Super cool!
    Ooo I wish I could get a swag bag with goodies. Starlets are definitely spoiled - they even get to wear a lot of designer clothes for free just to promote the brand! *sigh*