March 22, 2011

Adrian Wu Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Adrian Wu is one of my favorite Canadian designers as all of his pieces are a work of art. His new Fall/Winter 2011 collection that I have previously posted is no different. It may not be the most wearable on a day to day basis but it is extremely conceptual, and they sure make an amazing lookbook.

It is clear that Adrian is not afraid to be bold and unique when he can, and has the guts, to make household cushions that you wouldn’t look twice into fashionable art pieces. If you take a couple of models and line them up in the square dress, you will have the most stylish insulated room. Then get a few in the phallic dress to lie on the floor and you have yourself a couture bouncy castle could very well be art museum exhibition worthy- I'd be first in line to submit my application for the bouncy castle exhibition.

All photos are copyright from Adrian Wu. Visit Adrian's website at for more info.