March 8, 2011

Blake Lively Is The New Face Of Chanel

Hollywood seemed to stop making Blake Lively happen as a movie actress, but being a fashion icon is an equally sweet job. Blake is now the new face of Chanel and above is her first Chanel ad.

Sure, Blake often mumbles on Gossip Girl like she's about to cough up a fur ball, but she is gorgeous and models don't really need to talk. But when models end up talking, they host talk shows on them about them directed by them like Tyra Banks, or them throwing a Blackberry at your head to tell you to get the f- out like Naomi Campbell. Now that I think about it, a Blackberry to the head should be the way they kick America's Next Top Model contestants out for having the weakest photo.

Here are some pictures of Ms.Mumble at Paris Fashion Week.

Photos from Fame