March 7, 2011

Christina Aguilera's Secret For Red Lips

If you are a fan of Christina Aguilera’s cherry red lips, try using something like car paint for yours. As Christina’s make up artist Kristofer Buckle reveals:

"Red is so tricky because it can be messy and it can bleed. I use a product called LipSense and the color I have used on Christina (Aguilera) is called Blu-Red. It's literally like car paint. It's liquid so you apply it with a wand and it goes on like paint and it doesn't have any drag to it, so it creates this perfectly gorgeous doll mouth. It dries completely with no moisture to it and then you apply a topcoat with just moisture. It doesn't move."

This shows that people need to stop blaming their boo-boos on booze! Homegirl didn’t forget the National Anthem because she has issues with consuming too many Moxie sized bellinis. It’s probably all the chemicals in her car paint lipstick that is making her brain into a Lady Gaga music video. So do not blame those delicious bellinis!

But I understand where Christina is coming from. In kindergarten I used to paint my lips red with a felt pen and sometimes I go overboard and paint my teeth and tongue too. Who knows how much chemicals I have consumed. After my parents confiscated the red felt pen, I started using the purple. The grapes scent was equally delicious and I was determined to not have boring teeth and lips. If it wasn’t for my parents switching to non-smelly felt pens you would most likely see me starring in TLC: My Strange Addiction today and be BFF with that girl who eats toilet paper.