March 18, 2011

Demu Label Vigil-ANTI Collection

Today is a big day for Demu Label as they release their brand new Vigil-ANTI Collection and campaign. The collection consists movie inspired prints such as the Ninja Turtles and Fight Club. The designs are printed on either black or white canvasses- the classic Demu colors.

Everything in Demu's new collection has the edge and is comfortable to wear. How would I know? The Ninja told me. I happen to know the Ninja very well...

Check out Demu Label's new collection at and the Demu blog here. The collection will be available at 12pm today. Here is the first look at some items photographed by Gord Weber:

Hair by Crystal from Hair Junkie
Makeup by Eva, Simran, and Melissa

The Vigil-ANTI campaign video can be viewed here:

If you want more of Demu, check out designer Angie Fisher's blog here.