March 21, 2011

Eastern Canadian Fashion Designer Spotlights

I recently attended a showcase of Fashion designers here in Ottawa. Some collections made me "aayh" like The Fonz but other ones were truly inspiring. it always amaze for me to see so many local talents in the east side of Canada. Here are the highlights:

The line of Panache is designed by Emilia Torabi & Jana Hanzel. It is a line catered for business women who is not afraid of color and being unique from the crowd. The pieces are all tailored to show off a woman's curves and embrace the feminist.

Birds of North America
For winter and spring collection, Hayley Gibson, designer of Birds of North America stuck to darker hues such as brown, black and cool colors. The dresses are darker in color but adorable with the subtle cuteness of bows and buttons. The ranched leggings were my favourite.

Micalla is all about the bling. The necklaces glitter on the models like Mariah Carey in concert but instead of the pink confetti and the crazy cooing on stage, Micalla uses rare gems and stones for the pieces. A definite better replacement! It's elegant and definitely statement pieces.

Elise's collection is full of fun colors and it is catered to a younger and vibrant crowd. The items on the runway concentrated on details with a tad of tribal feel which included leather, raccoon tail along with unique tribal designs. It's something I can see myself wear on a laid back weekend.

Rachel Sin
Rachel's new collection consist leg wear and statement jackets which differ from her previous pieces. The new collection is designed for women with confidence and not afraid to be flashy- the gold sparkle jacket says it all. The dresses from the new collection are still shiny, but a different shiny and with more glam than the previous cute and girlie feel.

Vicky of Nu is extremely adorable and her pieces are creative and funky with a modern touch as seen also in Montreal Fashion Week this season. This collection consist of "poise & power" which feature some classy dresses, but also some sexy pieces that will grab a room's attention when you wear it.

Adrian Wu
Adrian is one of the youngest designer in Canada but has racked up a list of fashion accreditations. From the collection it is simple to see why. I always feel enlightened after seeing his work as the shape of the dresses are unique and imaginative and every piece is a work of art. Adrian also has a hidden talent of posing the best pictures and I have to learn his pose secrets!

Here are some other pictures, it was always a pleasure to meet Julie from Ottawa Citizen, Hussein the organizer for the event, James from Blackbook, Judy of LoveExpress as well Aaron from Starfish. Special shout out to Ilon from Mansion for the fantastic music, Angie's Models who owned the runway and meeting the beautiful singer Cory Lee.