March 6, 2011

Raising Funds to End Women's Cancers at NAC

Yesterday I attended a fashion show and gala to help raise funds to end women's cancers at the NAC. It was put together by Lauren and Courtney who are regular participants of The Weekend to End Women's Cancers. The event is to help them both raise money to walk in the 2 day event. Local retails such as Costa Blanca, Bluenotes, Aeropostale, Laura, and Melanie Lyne donated some clothes and with the help of Angie's Models the fashion show was a success. Here are the highlights.

Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca was one of my favourite places to shop growing up in Victoria BC. Well, back then there was only about 5 stores in the 2 malls to choose from so it was either that or Sirens. Although knowing that the clothes fall apart after a few washes, I still very much enjoyed all the cute floral pieces and the spring attire on the runway.

Laura is great to go in when you are looking for a last minute dress. Laura retail usually have an extensive petites section which is great for people with smaller body frames.

Melanie Lyne
For a while I thought that Melanie Lyne is for an "older crowd" but that is not the case. The prices are not catered for someone with a minimum wage job but the dresses showcased is definitely on the flashy and trendy side. I need to visit them more often.

It was also nice to meet Mike Giovinazzo and bumped into Marc Lavoie with a chance to catch up. Best of luck to Lauren and Courtney in their walk to End Women's Cancers.