March 24, 2011

Walk The Truth Charity Show

Walk The Truth is a fashion charity event that occurred on Sunday at the NAC created by Gita Jaffe, the Director of NGO Africa's Children Africa's Future as well as Shaun Marq from BadPR.

“Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say... About HIV and AIDS”, was the saying at Walk The Truth. The goal of the event was to support orphans overseas who have been affected by HIV and AIDS. Designers donated a piece which was showcased by local talents and 100% of the proceeds went to help those in need.

Some local talents who walked the runway were KennyB and Jenni from the radio station Hot 89.9, singer and actress Cory Lee, Rogers' Daytime TL, and models Betsey, Helena and Erica. It was fun to watch people you know on the runway, not that it's not fun watching models, but it is frown upon in this society to holler at random people. Shaun definitely put together a well executed and well entertained show.

Here are some other pictures of the night. For more information on AC-AF and to learn more about the campaign, visit

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