April 7, 2011

La Koketa Style Adviser App for iPhone

Too many events and never know what to wear? La Koketa can solve the problem for you. La Koketa is an iPhone application that acts as a personal style adviser to help the user choose their outfit for occasions. The app creates fresh looks and alternatives by combining the user's clothes according to its style, color and occasion.

La Koketa categorizes the user's clothes through a picture they submit and with the user defining its style and season. The software also automatically removes the background of the picture and recognizes the clothing color. Instead of stressing about what you will wear, La Koketa can assemble outfits just by the user indicating what style they prefer such as formal or casual. This not only saves the user time to pull out the clothes from the closet, but can also be used to keep track of the user's clothes so that they don't buy something too similar to what they already own.

For more information please check out www.lakoketa.com