April 6, 2011

And It Happened To Be All Blue

My new tenant has been frying up canned salmon with onions every night so that must be what inspired me to do this sea world look. My house has been smelling like fish to the left, fish to the right, it's just fish fish and more fish! I swear my nose is going to start foaming if I smell anymore fish when I come home. For once I wish Nemo was never found.

One of the tricks to make your eyes bigger is to underline it with white eyeliner. Usually I only put it on the inner corner of my eyes but for the sake of photos I underlined it all the way across and thicker than usuall. Though it's a bit much to wear it for work it does make good pictures.

Products Used:
NYX liquid eyeliner in white pearl
NYX round lipstick in tea rose
Stila liquid eyeliner in black
Urban Decay deluxe shadow box
ELF mineral eye shadow in elegant
Mischa Falsies

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