April 23, 2011

Angelina Jolie Is The Newest Louis Vuitton Muse

Because Angelina Jolie's family portrait already looks like an advertisement of United Colors of Benneton, Louis Vuitton has asked her to be their latest muse. According to E! News, the campaign will be shot by Annie Leibovitz in a few weeks and will debut this summer:

The print-only campaign, which is scheduled to launch this summer, will be marketed globally...

A source familiar with the deal between Jolie and the French fashion behemoth tells E! News that the actress will get paid "close to $10 million" for her high-end endorsement deal, believed to be the most lucrative of her career.

That's good news for both sides! Angie has a whole adopted soccer team of kids to feed and LV can write the 10 million off as charity for Angie's Children Foundation. And it's great that Angie is modeling, because the only thing I want to do after watching her movie is pout my lips to look really plump and talk like Anna Wintour.

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