April 13, 2011

Ashley Tisdale Is "Actually A Woman", So She Takes Naked Pictures

Taking a chapter out of Vanessa Hudgens' book on how to get famous, here is the neglected High School Musical chick Ashley Tisdale posing nude in front of the camera for Allure to show people she's "actually a woman". Except Ashley did it slightly more tasteful then with a self timer like Vanessa. Now she just needs a dude pretty enough to star in a Proactive commercial and she’s set.

Here are some more naked celebrities you probably don't care about in Allure's naked issue. Minus Kaley Cuoco, I don’t care enough to spend $4 to see that “don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful” Keri Hilson, and Bridget who-is-that Moynahan. They could jump into the volcano of Mordor NAKED tomorrow and I still wouldn’t bother looking up their bio. But if they get Jessica Simpson, Barbara Walters, Snooki and that girl from the Progressive Insurance commercial to go naked then that's a different story.

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