April 20, 2011

LaSalle College Montreal Signature 2011

LaSalle International School of Fashion for Fashion Arts & Design is for those who wish to freely express themselves through fashion design. Aspiring designers receiving training to produce an unprecedented collection as well they learn and experience various production stages.

LaSalle Signature 2011, put together by the graduating class of Fashion Arts & Design, is a high production show that showcase the student's talents and pieces. It is one of the major shows in Montreal and a place where graduating students take their step into the real world.

The showcase will be at the Olypmic Stadium on Sunday, May 8th. It consist 130 graduating students and 300 outfits. The event attracted 5000 people last year and continues to grow. If you would like to attend, please visit http://www.lasallecollege.com/ for more information.

Click here to watch a video from LaSalle to see what could be expected at Signature 2011.