April 22, 2011

Lookbook: Pocket of Queens


A few weeks ago I worked with a local photographer Eric Mercier to create some concept shots. Eric and I both have the same vision so it was neat to do work with him for a look book out of the ordinary.

I was also tagged by H Rija to do a "TAG: 8 Most Worn Items". So here are the questions along with my answers

1) Most worn lip gloss/ lipstick?
Mac "Nymphette" lip glass

2) Most worn earrings
My Juicy Couture hearts earrings from Juli

3) Most worn top/ shirt
A T shirt from U2's "Vertigo" tour in 2005 seen in my look book here, I lounge around the house with it all the time.

4) Most worn nail polish
Opi's "Holy Pink", I love that Barbie pink color for my nails

5) Most worn shoes
Well I guess my ESD work shoes, but outside of work lately it's been my Burberry hearts rainboots because the weather has been so crappy.

6) Most worn necklace
My "Return to Tiffany" heart tag necklace from Tiffany & Co.

7) Most worn perfume/lotion
Curious by Britney Spears, Brit Brit may be crazy but she has nice smelling perfumes!

8) Most worn handbag/purse
My Louis Vuitton Speedy, I love that bag as seen here and here

And now I tag Ping, Every, Laura Tenshi, Banhannas and Julie Iliana

Faux Fur Jacket: H&M
Corset and Skirt: From Taiwan
Heart Tights: The Bay

Also, Happy Easter to my Canadian blogger friends!

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  1. Love these pictures, so nice you got to work with a professional photographer for this set.
    I think you look like a very chic vampire !
    Thank you so much for tagging me, these questions are fun and I am already thinking about my 8 most worn items. I didn't know Britney Spears has her own perfume, I must try it someday.

  2. OMG - that's too funny - the photographer has the same name as my husband! When I started reading, I was like 'What the ....?!?!' The only difference is that he's an 'Erik' and yours is an 'Eric'.

    And love the corset/skirt combo ;)


  3. i lvoe ur outfit! it looks amazing:3 i want tyr to try it even though I wouldnt be able to fit in ur tiny sixed clothing :p I want ur figure too!

    amazing photos aswell :3

  4. This pictures are Gorgeous! You look like a model!

  5. Great pictures! The skirt is gorgeous xo

  6. i love this look! so fierce :D
    kinda look like a vampire. hehe

    thanks for sharing!
    Oh BTW, new follower here. :)


  7. WOW, great pictures...
    you can be a model u look stunning

  8. I love these photos! And I wear Britney's Curious perfume too.

  9. julie -- you look hot! such a sexy shoot! love it.
    haha i love britney too! i wished you lived in SF...i need someone to go to the britney concert with me when she tours. lol
    thanks for the tag!

  10. yay awesome! :) thanks for the tag! you look so sexy here, like a Bella Swan, but only with real emotion and facial expressions! haha, if you catch my drift :p

    Happy Easter!

  11. Woaw!! I love these pictures!! That outfit is great +w+ I totally dig it!!

  12. awesome photos!!!! ;)

    xo Emma

    happy easter!!!

  13. Very great pictures!You look fantastic in the black outfit! Happy Easter!

  14. ooh the outfit looks lovely! see, you look so pretty and classy wearing that! if it were taylor mom or avril wearing it, it'll be crack and slutville all over again :I

  15. lovely looks! visit my creations! :D

  16. From one sexy woman to another, may I say you look ridiculously hawt in these photos?! Very sultry and dark, this concept shoot is friggin' awesome!!

    Your 8's are awesome, you have great taste.

  17. love the photos!! now i have to go check out nymphette lipglass!

  18. gosh these images are mesmerising...you look incredible, such a beauty. perfect xxx

  19. wow, darling! SOOOO beautiful on those pictures. GREAT SHOTS <3
    Love your blog! xxxx

  20. cool pictures and very cool styling :) kinda black swan, but wearable! :D

  21. Dang, missy. Looking good! :-)

  22. You look like you're ready to kick some serious ass but you'll look great while doing it! ;)

  23. beautiful!! you look amazing girl! x

  24. i like the lace and textured tights


  25. Wow! These photos are fantastic. I love the lighting.

  26. wow, these pics are stunning!!! u look hot!

  27. The concept shots look great! The pictures have a bit of a dark/mysterious allure to them :)

  28. Amazing! My first reaction was an urge to charge down that alley (or whatever that is) to rescue the girl from whatever. But a second look made me think she'd end up saving me...maybe from her vampire buddies--but I didn't add the vampire part until after reading the other comments. =)

    Happy Easter!

  29. these are gorgeous photos! Your hair is amazing, and I love those tights!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  30. You look intense! And thanks for the luck on the internship!

  31. oh, I want a photographer to take picture of me too!
    you look great! so gothic <3

    sweet and sugars,

  32. Wow, you are so gorgeous!!! I love your dress! So fantastic!!! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  33. awesome photos!! you look amazing!

  34. Fantastic photos!! You look amazing!

  35. Fun tag and fab shots!:D You look amazing, as always.:D

    I like my LV Speedy too, such a classic bag.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  36. I really than you !
    And you're amazing in this photos ;)

  37. so so cute , the darkness about it is just great

    Lydz xX

  38. my fav posts are actually your photoshoots. I really like this one - the lace gloves! I like how it's sexy without showing too much :)

  39. you looked amazingly gorgeous! love the concept of the photo shoot dear! :)like i said u never fail us readers to awwe on your pictures..

    By the way thank you so much for the tag! :) such an honor to be mentioned on your blog.. mwah!

    I've been busy lately and Forgive me for the late comments! But u are such a great girl and i missed your articles/blogs every now and then!

    Enjoy easter sweeties! be safe...

  40. I love the photos! They look amazing and you look really pretty and fierce! Love the outfits as well :)

  41. You look incredible! I've worked with Eric a few times and he such an awesome guy and great photographer! Love this post. x

  42. this is a darker look for you--i love it!

  43. My dear you look so delectable in that corset dress! I didn't know that Britney Spears had a new perfume. I'm curious now since it is your fav, I gotta go sniff it out. Thanks for the tag too!

  44. wow, you look really stunning. What a great photoshoot!! The corset is gorgeous x

  45. You fierce human being!!! I love Nymphette as well.