April 7, 2011

Mariah Carey Is Definitely Pregnant

The other day I was commenting to my friend about someone on my Facebook posting pictures of her ultra sound. Like really, I don’t have to buy her dinner or even talk to her to see the happening up her legs? Awesome. But that seems to be the fad these days as here is Mariah Carey being pregnant and as orange as a glass of Sunny D on the cover of Life & Style.

Don’t be surprised when you see pregnant ladies slapping on a bottle of fake tan and going into those $5 photo booths to do the “Mimi” at your local mall. And if YOU want to do the "Mimi"- remember that your skin color MUST match your hair color! Anyways, you got to admire Mariah’s work ethic of not letting a womb full of baby getting in a way of posing like an enchanted orange ready to coo out a magical musical number at any time. And that's why I'm a MC fan.