April 17, 2011

Ottawa Gala 2011- What is The Ottawa Gala?

Yesterday was the annual Ottawa Gala held at the old train station downtown with the theme "Midnight In Marrakech". I had the pleasure to attend the event with Angie and met some great people. Mayor Jim Watson also showed and the best part was people like me who crawled through miles of drunk people like crossing the Arabian desert just to get a picture with the exquisite Mayor whose city hall will only collect garbage once every other week starting next year. I just wanted to pose with him like the mall Santa. Is that so wrong?

Due to the number of people unfamiliar with the Ottawa Gala, I've put together some FAQ for people who are curious about the event (like me before attending):

What is the Ottawa Gala?
A charity event to help the School Breakfast Program. Most attendees are young professionals and it's a place for strangers to mingle and have a good time.

What's the difference between VIP vs regular tickets?
You go to different rooms. There wasn't much difference between the VIP and the regular room. The people demographic was basically the same. There were government workers, realtors, IT, and city councils in the VIP section but were in the regular section as well. VIP ended at 11pm in which everyone moved to the regular room anyways.

The biggest difference between VIP and regular room was that it was open bar between 8pm - 11pm. The VIP catering also featured chicken skewers and pieces of lamb once in a while.

Was buying VIP worth it?
It cost $115 per VIP ticket and $55 per regular ticket if you buy them in a pair. The venue charged $15 per 5 tickets with each drink being 2 tickets for regular ticket holders. It works out that for an average person they would have to spend around $85 for the entire night if they wanted to be buzzed- Which explains why people forked over another $30 and got VIP for the open bar.

How was the event over all?
I had a great time at the event due to the people I went with. The venue was beautiful but wasn't equip for that many people. There were about 1000 attendees but only 4 female bathroom stalls. I sobered up and had a full blown conversation with a random girl who talked about her cat while waiting to pee for 20 minutes.

Would you recommend going?
Yes, if you:
- are bored with your job and want to know what else is out there and want to meet some contacts.
- are looking to hook up at what is equivalent of a high school dance after high school.
- just want something different to do in Ottawa and have a reason to buy a pretty dress.

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  1. Thanks for the background FAQ on the event. I'm not familiar with the event at all and your info helped out a bunch. OMG LOOOOL to the fact that you had listen to a girl who talked about her cat ... and you had to listen sober. Poor thing hahaha.

  2. There should have been an open bar in the female bathroom so as to remain drunk during boring conversations ;) xo

  3. cool event the photos say it all!


  4. hahaha! great recap!!!
    fun night chica!! xoxox

  5. lol you are so right.

    It was for a good cause, but I definitely the bathroom situation was awful!

  6. hahahahahha awesome post Julie! Although, I would looove to see you dress full-length!!!!! :) it's gorgeous, i knooow :) haha

  7. OMG that's sooo funny! Buy hey it still looks like you had and and you looked so pretty!

  8. love how you summarized the event lol 4 bathroom stalls? geez

  9. Looks like a fun time and I agree that sometimes it really matters who you are with to have a fun time. And any excuse to buy a pretty dress is a good one.

  10. it seems like a really nice event! you look gorgeous!


  11. Love the pics of you and the mayor! hehe
    Both you and your dress are gorgeous!! Looks like you had a fun time!

  12. great event, looks like thats a lot of fun,..

  13. LOL @ "I just wanted to pose with him like the mall Santa." Not wrong at all!

  14. hahahha!
    talking about a cat for 20 mins O_o
    Its something I might do O_o I should watch myself hahaha :p

    You look gorgeous as always! I love your headband :p

  15. hehehe aww this entry makes me smile :) youre a sweet heart! whoa great picture there with the Mayor! :) you looked stunning that night!

    Guess u really had fun!