April 12, 2011

This Is What Victoria's Secret Consider "Fat"?!

We should love our body whether it’s curvy or thin, yadda yadda. I was almost right there with Victoria's Secret, until they promoted Kate Upton as a "curvy Angel" due to Candice Swanpoel getting slack for being "too thin", according to New York Magazine, Daily Mail, and other media outlets.

Uh huh, really? Kate Upton is VS's answer to "being too thin"?! Obviously Victoria's Secret marketing has never seen Biggest Loser or has been on PeopleOfWalmart.com or seen a whale performance at Marineland. But I suppose they wanted "model fat", and not "fat fat".

Unless people know what Candice Swanpoel's lifestyle entails I don't think she can be criticized for being "too" thin. But my butt cheeks have a hard time feeling sorry for Candice with her exquisite boobs and perfectly teased hair. When I am at work eating leftovers wondering if the 4 days old chicken is still good, I sometimes look at Candice in sexy underwear and think "oh, this is what I could be doing if I was Candice Swanpoel". So I think Candice needs to pull the "bitch, please" chapter out of Naomi Campbell's hand book and use it. I don't picture her sitting in a cubicle eating 4 days old chicken beside a co worker blabbering about her passport problems like a walrus on fire.

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