May 29, 2011

Angie's Models 2011 AMTI Showcase At War, From Love K

Okay, so I admit, the title is a little there was no war at Angie's Showcase, rather the opposite, but it was held at the War Museum...I figured I should have some kind of spiffy introduction since I am guest blogging for Miss J of Popchampagne, and anything less would simply just not do...that being said, "Hello Everyone", Love K here reporting live for Julie while she is away in beautiful Asia...

Last night I had the privilege of attending Angie's Showcase here in Ottawa, and perhaps being witness to a future supermodel/actress/celebrity in the making...either way, it was a great evening, filled with lots of beautiful people, wonderful music and a stunning backdrop (tanks, bunker replicas and aircraft always add a certain pizazz wouldn't you agree?) So without further ado, here are some of the highlights of the evening...enjoy...

Back Stage:

Rachel Sin getting ready, Angie of Demu Label showing off her super powers, Julia of Fashion Keeper getting ready for the show and front row...

Designer list, Rachel Sin and Kania and Angie of Angie's Models getting the show started...

Merchant show:
Children modeling various shop fashions, including GAP kids, Growing Kids, Hook me up Threads and Moscatel...

Kim Picard
Rachel Sin
Sukhoo Sukhoo
Stroked Ego
Demu Label
Amber Watkins
Ralph Leroy

Overall the evening was a success...and although this event is supposed to focus more on showcasing the talent of Angie's Models, I have to say that the designs that were showcased played equal part in stealing the show...either way, it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening (ogling the men of Stroked Ego is not a bad way to spend any evening for that matter!) but it was also nice to be a part of an evening that not only displays Ottawa's talent but also enables a lucky few a foot in the door in this crazy world we call fashion...that's it from me, Julie we miss you~ but don't worry I managed to grab you one of the great swag bags!
Love K

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