May 3, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Looked Great For Blank Magazine's May Issue

Other than going to jury duty and getting her pictures taken outside of clubs we don’t really hear of Lindsay Lohan anymore. But Pop Champagne is about to change that by posting these pictures of Lindsay for Blank Magazine.

And yes, Lindsay is like those tricks that just won’t go away. Like after you tell her you can’t keep advertising for her she continues to leave comments like “You look great! Visit my project!”. You go pick up your dress to find that she contacted the same designer. Then you attend an event where she randomly pop up like a bad wack-a-mole with a big fat “HI!!”. After you feel nauseous from the greeting, you socialize while she tells people that you two are besties, so you give a polite nod, then go and throw up in the bathroom, only to find that she is there to aww and coo you while you puke your intestines out. She will never leave you be.

That being said, Lindsay Lohan looks awesome in these photos and I love the styling of the shoot.

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