May 18, 2011

Hello Angkor, Cambodia

Here are some pictures I took of Angkor Heritage Site in Siem Reap, Cambodia today. It was quite astounding, and I had a hard time picking which ones to post.

The heritage site is located in the jungle and wasn't discovered until the 19th century. The city was built by three dynasty in different eras. Angkor was initially a Hinduism city. Buddhist temples were built When the emperor of the golden age rose as he believed in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Hinduism had more influence which resulted in Hinduism followers vandalizing the Buddhist sites such as cutting off Buddhist gods' heads and destroying the Buddhist temples' ceilings.

The buildings in Angkor heritage site were covered by many wall sculptures and the temples were decorated with precious stones. All of the city's efforts and resources were focused on these buildings which led to poverty and eventually suffered attacks from Thailand and Laos. The emperor fled to today's capital when Angkor lost. People of Angkor abandoned the city as many lives were taken in the war and thought the city was "bad" as even the king left, resulting in the ruins of the abandoned city today.