May 24, 2011

Angkor Wat - People Made The Most Beautiful Things

Angkor Wat is one of the popular temples in the Angkor Heritage Site. It often appears in movies and other sources of media. Angkor Wat was made for the emperor to worship the Hindu's god of protect. Many angels and legends carving are on the walls in the building. Angel carvings are everywhere in Angkor Wat but no angel is identical to another.

Beside the angels, one of the carving repeatedly seen is the warriors pulling a snake. The left side are warriors representing evil pulling the snake's head and the right side are warriors representing good pulling the snake's tail. The snake was used in the tug of war as they felt that a regular rope would be too easily broken. The middle lies a mountain as a mark and the god of protect is seen in the middle as a judge to decide who is winning. Beneath the tug of war are a bunch of animals dazed and confused from the riot above. This story carving is also frequently seen outside Angkor Wat. Back in the days, the moat surrounding Angkor Wat had alligators to help protect the king's treasures in Angkor Wat but today it is used by the locals to bathe and catch fish for dinner.