May 1, 2011

Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week FAT 2011 - Part 1 of 2

Last week was the Toronto Alternative Fashion Week. The fashion shows were special as they consist not only runway shows, but also dance performances, art films and musical numbers.

Unlike most other fashion shows, it was refreshing to see models of different sizes with tattoos and piercings on the runway instead of the cookie cutter high fashion models. By showing models of different looks and sizes, the show demonstrates that fashion can be represented by everyone.

Mitra featured contemporary bridal pieces of various fabrics and exaggerated cuts. It consisted sheer layers as well flower pieces pinned to the dresses to give it the femininity. The collection may not be what most would wear when they walk down the isle but it made an interesting and enjoyable show.

Jool, designed by Julie Phelps, is base out of Toronto and featured exclusively at HAUS- a boutique in Bloordale. Each outfit in the collection was unique through the fringe and fabric tears as well that tad bit of color which make it pop. It's great street wear for those who would like to stand out from the crowd.

Ica Watermelon
Ica Watermelon is an eco friendly line designed by Julia Knupfer. As mentioned in the designer spotlight, Julia loves to use wool and wool was constantly seen on her runway show. But unlike the typical wool you see on old ladies, all of the wool attires were dynamic with sculptural knits and creases on the dresses and vests.

NRT Fashion
NRT, an avant garde collection by Nicole Rita Tomney played a lot with shapes and electrical tapes. Though it may not be something one could wear on regular basis, it was extremely conceptual and edgy. That being said, I wouldn't mind owning a pair of pants from the collection- they shaped the model's bottoms at all the right spots.

Human Nature
Kallvis from Human Nature featured designs for men and women in darker hues and gold hardware. Each pieces were tailored to be fitting on the models focusing on the drapes and the silhouettes. The collection had a sense of peacefulness and personal expression.

Here are some pictures from the event. I had a chance to meet some great people such as Rebecca from Little Red Umbrella, Toronto Fashionista, Kallvis from Human Nature, FashionStudio7, Pai from DeMOYO, Dylan from DylaniumKnits as well catch up with Rachel from Rachel Sin.

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  1. Great favs Jool and Human Nature great clothes!

    The Black Label

  2. Lovely post :). The event looks fun and cool, love all the pictures.

    Hugs from:

  3. looks really cool and fun!

  4. I love that the acronym for the fashion event is FAT and that the event included the array of models you mentioned. Style should be accessible to everyone. That one girl resembles a young Liza Minelli.

    I hope it was warm in the room--for the barefoot dancers. That's a great action shot.

  5. WOW that fashion event looks so much fun. Like what you said, it's pretty cool to see models that are not the typical high fashion models. They show more personality in my opinion with their piercings and tats. The NRT is pretty intense. So cool!

  6. Hey! Awesome pictures from FAT.

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    I hope you enter!

  7. Yes, the first picture of the dancers is great - especially the lead dancer. Toronto seems to have a number of fashion weeks ( I thought there was only one per city )

  8. Some real talent there. Great shots

  9. Love the avant garde bridal! I like those way better than typical wedding wear haha!

  10. Great photos! I love looking at collections like these that are so over the top. It's fun to see what designers come up with :)

  11. the jool collection looks great, hope it was fab
    Lydz xX

  12. what a great event!! Love how WELL organized and NOT pretentious it was ...unlike some other fashion weeks that will remain nameless! :D
    much Love,

  13. ica and jool are the best out of the bunch

  14. Great coverage! I would have loved to be in the audience. Antlers were very popular at Edmonton Fashion Week too by the way ; )

  15. i think Ica Watermelon looks really awesome. the clothing is fantastic. and NRT fashion has some pretty cool designs too!

  16. Those teddy bears scare the crap out of me!

  17. How amazing! I wish I could attend something like this!

    I like the Mitra gowns! I am not sure if I can pull one off though.


  18. What a lovely event! :) I haven't been in any fashion show before and seeing ur photos makes me realized how fun it would be aww ur lucky ! :)

    U look amazing dear!

  19. You look beautiful in all the pictures! You had so much fun that i can tell! :)beijossss