May 2, 2011

Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week FAT 2011 - Part 2 of 2

Continuing the Toronto Alternative Fashion Week recap, here are some more collections that caught my eye. FAT was a lot of fun to attend as it also consist dance routines and art films as well as models of various sizes. FAT showed that we are all beautiful even if we look completely different than what is usually featured in fashion magazines.

Mackenzie Jones
Instead of having models just walking the runway, Mackenzie Jones used dancers that performed contemporary dance routines wearing the designs. Every pair performed had a theme about nature and their outfits compose of beautiful silk, feathers, rams' horns and antlers. It was one of the best shows I have seen.

Breeyn McCarney
Breeyn McCarney's collection was all made of paper. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful cutout patterns and then I wondered how they got the pieces on the models without ripping it. It was a neat idea and everyone had fun watching the models like paper bag princesses on the runway.

Toxic Vision
Toxic Vision is designed by Sharon with influences from rock and roll and heavy metal. It featured rock styles with studs and bold color contrasts. The collection had a rugged and unpolished feel and my favourite piece was the fur jacket that is white on one side and black on the other. Would I wear it? Most definitely.

Rachel Sin
Inspired by models who look effortless when off the cameras, Rachel Sin presented her "Models Off Duty" collection which consist glitters and sequins. The show also featured statement feather accessories from Garde Del Avante Jewellery. Not only I was in love with the feather shoulder pieces, I was also impressed by how versatile Rachel's dresses were as one can see how easily it was to glam up or dress down with it.

Here are some pictures of the night with the grey and black dress I was wearing being Rachel Sin's Elle Dress. Special shout out to Theresa from Tenfour Publicity who put together the amazing event. It was extremely well organized and everyone helping out were very welcoming and well informed. It was one of the friendliest shows I have been.

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