June 7, 2011

Blake Lively Looking Pretty In Glamour Magazine

Here are some pictures of Blake Lively posing for Glamour Magazine. Blake is looking good as usual, but maybe this isn’t Blake. Maybe this is actually the fake Blake Lively that posed for the naked Blake Lively photos. Because real Blake Lively would never, ever take nude pictures of herself. Or perhaps the naked Blake Lively was Karl Lagerfeld in a wig and this is the real Blake Lively for Glamour.

Someone should have told T.I when he kept on getting caught with the illegal shit to use Blake Lively’s “that person who looks like me is not me” line. That’s almost as good as my “I was drunk so I don’t remember making out with you”. I’m joking! I don’t go to the backseat of a Ford Escort after a few drinks, it has to at least be a Chevy Cavalier.

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