June 8, 2011

Through A Rainy Taipei Alley

These pictures were taken on a rainy day in Taipei. I love Taipei, but it’s not exactly a pretty city. The high rises are all stained from the smog and rusted billboards while the streets are crappy to walk in- but the food and the culture make up for it, and it is my hometown, and a part of me.

Walking in Taipei require you to keep an eye out for scooters (and dog poop) at all time. My dad almost got ran over by a scooter while taking these pictures. Then he got pissed and the photos turned kind of crappy. And then I whined and said “But dad! Your broken leg will heal but bad pictures will haunt you FOREVER!”. I kid. But there’s some truth in that, go ask Anthony Weiner.

These are some good ones before the scooter incident.